Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I titled this post "Success!" not because I've had some major breakthrough or anything so magical. I titled it "Success!" because I have actually returned for a second day of blogging! I have had many previous blogs, including this exact same blog started in September 2009, and I always start out positive and raring to go. My first post is exciting; I am ready to finally make this change in my life. Then ... Day 2 hits. I forget about the blog, or eat so horribly that I am embarrassed to write about it. So trust me, this is a success!

My day was pretty blah today, honestly. I woke up pretty late (around 10 am) and had this for breakfast:
This was a some steel cut oats that I made the night before and mixed in the morning with a little bit of skim milk, cinnamon and brown sugar. It was quite delicious and since I ate it so late I wasn't very hungry for lunch (not really a good thing).

Since I wasn't super hungry for lunch, I snacked on some pretzels and headed out to my Insurance Law class at 2:30 (I'm in my second year of law school ... more on that another time). This class really dragged for me today and by the time I got out at 4:20 I was starving! Definitely need to eat a better lunch next Monday! After class I drove over to Trader Joes where I stocked up on things such as ground turkey, lots of fresh veggies, apples, chicken stock, some frozen treats, eggs and bread. Because I was so hungry I snacked on some super thin (and delicious) lemon cookies.

When I got home, I set to work making this: Butternut Squash Soup! Most recipes I found used a lot of creams or half-and-half and I wanted to make this relatively healthy! Here was the end result:
With a diet coke, of course ... more on THAT later as well.

With a little parmesan cheese sprinkled on top, it sure was delicious! On the side I had 2 pieces of sprouted wheat bread with some Promise butter spread on it. I have a big problem with portion control, plus I was very hungry from no real lunch. This batch was supposed to make 6 servings, but I ended up dividing it into 3 only (my squash was also a little small). This will be a delicious dinner for tomorrow as well!

Unfortunately, I did not exercise tonight. By the time I got home from Trader Joes it was rainyish weather and the walk I wanted to take was a no-go. I also had about 80 pages to read for classes tomorrow. Tomorrow doesn't look good either, since I have class until 8:20. But I do have 3 hours free tomorrow, so I hope to take a long walk and do some weights!


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